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DI-1000 Fiberscope

Digital Fiber Inspection Microscope

The affordable DI-1000 features a single-finger focusing knob, brightness control and a digital sensor with detectable resolution to 0.5 μm, providing excellent image viewing and analysis. A variety of tips for industry standard connector types is available.

Dirty or scratched connectors introduce loss, increase ORL and can damage other connectors. End-face contamination is also the leading cause of fiber link failures in Telecom, MSOs, data centers, and corporate network environments. The VS-500 produces clear images of the connector’s end face and displays them on a variety of host devices. Focusing on the contact areas, the scope grades the connector’s health and cleanliness after it is polished or cleaned. The critical results determine whether the connector can be used or if it needs to be polished or cleaned again.